My Story

I have always had a generally holistic outlook on life, but once our first baby was born, my hippie side really shone bright to make sure we could do all our healing at home! Any time our son had any sort of immunity challenge, I was in the kitchen brewing up a natural organic remedy.
The one thing that become an absolute staple in our daily routine year round is our ORGANIC ELDERBERRY SYRUP!
Over the past 3 years I have learned more about this magical berry and all of its amazing benefits and properties. I have experimented with different complimenting ingredients within the syrup, and have perfected the recipe to make it one of a kind, signature to Homestead Holistics!
Creating these remedies is something that I am truly passionate about and enjoy making with skill and love. It’s a therapeutic feeling when whipping up these organic remedies in the kitchen, and knowing that I’m keeping my family of four healthy year round to live our best lives without missing a beat, is so rewarding in itself!
I love being able to share the knowledge with my surrounding community, and educate others that haven’t heard of holistic healing and sickness prevention.
Alongside elderberry syrup, I am always experimenting and searching for the best options to add to the collection for daily health! Only the best of the best are added to our product list, and the quality speaks for itself!!!