Hand-Crafted Fresh Holistic Products

All of our products are handcrafted in fresh, small batches, using only 100% organic ingredients and locally sourced honey.

Each item is created with the utmost love and attention to ensure you receive the best products for the best health; all the time, every time.

What our raving customers are saying!

  • "A Home-Made Produt that you can tell is made with natural and organic ingredients!"

  • "My wife made me try the elderberry syrup. Suprisingly a great tasting product! No colds all winter."

  • "The fire cider taste is an explosion of flavor and is super healthy for your immune system!"

Boost Your Health Naturally!

We strive on providing the best quality ingredients and affordability for healthy holistics products.

  • Natural & Organic

    We use only organic elder berry and ingredients in our products!

  • Homestead Hand-Crafted

    We make all of our products here on our homestead. We're about quality and taste.

  • Affordable Alternative

    Our prices are much more affordable than visiting a doctor or medications.