Our Syrup

What is elderberry syrup and why do you keep hearing about it? Cold and flu season is no longer a thing on the Homestead, thanks to the highly effective elderberry which fights against colds, flu and allergies. Between the anti-inflammatory and anti-viral immunity building properties of elderberries as well as the natural enzymes in the local, raw, unfiltered honey we use, our organic elderberry syrup has become a household staple for us and our customers.

In addition to elderberries, we also brew our syrup with a blend of Rosehips, Echinacea, Fresh Ginger, Lemon Peel, Orange Peel, Cinnamon and Cloves, which all have incredible health benefits of their own. And did we mentioned all of our ingredients are 100% organic!

All you need is a tablespoon per day (teaspoon for kids) for health maintenance or every few hours if you’re actively fighting an illness or allergies, but we’re not complaining because it tastes so good! (Bonus: the kids love it too)!

*We will soon be utilizing in our recipe, the incredible health benefits of aronia berries, which have the highest concentration of antioxidants than any other fruit! Keep your eye out for the addition!